Our Approach

We love food... and we love the fact that we now have the opportunity to cook for you! Our goal is to help make your meals easy. Whether you want to grab a full meal or just a side or salad to go with what you already have planned—we’ve got everything you need!

We offer a full selection of grab & go entrées, side dishes, salads, sandwiches, soups and more! We also have an amazing array of local and gourmet grocery items including ice cream, chocolates, cheese, dips, Italian cookies and more!

Our Story

With over 25 years in the food service industry, owner Christy Buso is proud to be part the Southbury community where she can showcase her love for food & cooking.

“This store is a culmination of everything I have learned over my years in food service—all put under one roof. From my days as a register clerk, to being a certified trainer for a large restaurant chain, to then owning my own business for 9 years. Every step has been a lesson that eventually has led me here. I couldn’t be happier with what this store has become, and I look forward to serving everyone some delicious food made with love.”